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bringing your confidence to light

The indie publishing process can be an overwhelming beast to conquer. The freedom is amazing, but without a team behind you, perfecting your book, it's hard to know when it's ready.

The Spotlight Letters is a monthly email from Bright Lights Editing that will help eliminate some of that fear. You'll receive links to articles, videos and blog posts on a wide range of relevant topics: writing, marketing, life as an indie author. There will be a short article with a writing tip, grammar refresher or simply some encouragement or motivation. It'll be all about bringing you valuable information that will build your confidence as an indie author.

If you want to become part of our indie author tribe, we'd love to have you. And for signing up, I'll send you a free reference sheet. “When it's Time to Call in the Editor” will bring clarity to the editing process and help you plan out that publishing timeline.

No spam. I promise.

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